Again, the Israeli attack on the Iranians in Syria’

d0e97aa7466783dffa1fd96721deae8a - Again, the Israeli attack on the Iranians in Syria’

DAMASCUS/BEIRUT – Israel has once again Iranian targets in Syria was bombed. This report Syrian state media Sunday. The attackers would from the Jordanian airspace with their fighter jets to the Syrian air base of Tiyas, 140 kilometers northeast of Damascus, have attacked. A plane would have been hit and the rest is chased away by the anti-aircraft batteries, according to the Syrian sources.

On the air base of Tiyas, also T4 is called, would the Iranian military have been stationed to participate in the Syrian civil war and there mostly against sunni extremists fighting. Israel sees the Iranians, the Lebanese shiite militia of Hezbollah support, as a major threat. There are already Israeli attacks on Iranian positions, or those of Hezbollah, are reported.

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