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“There is only one way to the finals

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“Everyone played with an incredibly big heart. No one gave up on, ” says a beaming Belgian coach Martinez after the match of the Red Devils against Brazil. Goalkeeper Courtois and Kevin De Bruyne were thinking already to the next match.

“Sometimes you have to accept that Brazil has so much finesse and quality that they can beat you. But we accepted that. We have not a minute specified.’

Martinez called this match ‘something special’. And he thought of us. “I hope that everyone in Belgium is proud of.’ He had even an experience that is in Belgium on from generation to generation will be passed. ‘We have to cherish.’

Martinez got from the interviewer compliments for his tactical move: a double row of three for defense. The coach gave the compliment to his players. “I have with tactics never seen a match lost. Because it is the execution that counts. The players have the tactical guidelines of the magnificent followed. Over the past two days we have a hard-on practiced. I could not be prouder.”

“We should be there now enjoying that we in Brazil have been able to beat. And again we have energy for the next match. We will be as good as we can in the semi-final against France.’

Also Thibaut Courtois was after the end of the contest full of praise for the team. “This is a great performance from us,” declared the keeper. “We have great well-played, especially in the first half. Everything was right. They had it difficult with our counter-attacks. Two times we scored after a good counter attack for the corner that the second goal happened before was a result of a counter. We were also very easy to defend.’

“In the second half we got a bit more difficult. Of course, because Brazil offensive is very strong. We have the job done with some good saves, ” said Courtois.

And now the semi-final against France. “We wanted to stay here until the end. Everyone talked about the difficult way. There is only one way and that is to the final, decided to Courtois.

Kevin De Bruyne was voted man of the match. He showed himself after sober as always. “We have tried the tactical plan perfectly to work out, and it worked.’

“This was a big test for us. Brazil is offensively very strong. We have the first half was perfectly played. In the second half, Brazil has the tactical good is changed, but the eight people in the back are decisive. They ensure that we (Hazard, Lukaku and De Bruyne, eds.) the front could do the job. It doesn’t matter how you tactical play, if you win. Still two games to go.’


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