The practical problems of William Time

902f9ff038411b1db078d49aa13fc9bd - The practical problems of William Time

William Time talk in The Newspaper about his limitations because of his small stature. “I am the dwarf who made it, but my freedom is very limited. I want to be somewhere only to go to, than I have to think about it. Tram and bus are not an option, because I do not. Also with the car should I have any luck. That I close enough can get. Not simply with the advancing car-free zones. And that I can park. An underground car park? Will not, because I can’t ticket. So if I beach on more than 200 à 300 m – the distance that I can go – should I call for assistance. Alex Agnew is me recently for a podcast with the wheelchair pick up. People say: Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. I understand that. But they realize not really what it is to live.”

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