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The #metoo-time of Werchter

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Hot weather, little clothes and lots of booze are the ingredients that sexual harassment at a festival only feed. Fortunately, music can be expected with readiness to fight and had Rock Werchter with the First Aid Kit, z’n #metoo-time bite. But how to translate that now to the real fight against stray hands on the pasture?

‘Sir, what are you doing now?’

Since their passage earlier this year in the AB, we knew that the sisters of First Aid Kit, a strong statement can make once they are to the song ‘You are the problem …

‘Sir, what are you doing now?’

Since their passage earlier this year in the AB, we knew that the sisters of First Aid Kit, a strong statement can make once they are to the song ‘You are the problem here’ start, their musical middle finger to cross-border behavior. The song says it is on – when did you come to think refusal was sexy? – but also the bindtekst of Klara Söderberg afterwards was a verbal uppercut. For the ladies in the audience sounded: “If you have been harassed, do questions like “how was you dressed?” or “were you drunk?” is completely irrelevant. You are not to blame.’ For the gentlemen: ‘We need you in the fight. If your friends are these states even laugh away, say to them simply: it’s not fucking funny.’ And the audience, which cheered and bellowed at him.

‘I thought that was now really in place, ” says Smilla (18) while The Barn after being emptied. “I’ve literally “girl power” shout.’ As if it even should, do they have that time with her friends again. Someone clearly has energy extracted from this occur. “I found the message perfectly articulated and with the right look, with a lot of balls to their body.’ But to balls, you don’t even on stage. ‘Last night was an older man, still on my’ buttocks’, is Smilla. “I’ve outright asked: “sir, what are you doing now? This can be really not.”’ Having regard to the joint that he intended, I do not know what has arrived in his stoned head, so I’m behind him and have him a kick under his ass.’ Smilla must error behavior of the answer, but she seems to be one of the exceptions to be among the numerous girls and women we talked to. Saying nothing and walking away is the defence that the rest uses. ‘Out of fear. As men so all of you sit, what will they not say or do if you were them once more, the answer should be? To even worse behavior to avoid, I walk rather quickly through’, tells a girl that wants to stay anonymous.


That you clock it the same, says Smilla. … ‘Vleesuur’. Once it is dark, and the drink quite a starts to work, the road to Main Stage a orbit of notes and loose hands. “But the camping is by far the worst. There, none of our friends were still around.’ The megaphones that are put on and the vleeskeuring in the aisle, the his classics on festivalcampings. “But what bothers me is how men especially want to entertain to us to chant: “hey, you there, pretty girl, turn around, bend over you again”. Can they really not a compliment any more? Girls also do vleeskeuring and we’ll talk for sure about handsome boys who walk by, but never harmed.’

‘Last’, well, difficult concept, especially to delineate. Lisa (19) and Jana (26) hit even in a discussion up because it is just so personal. One experiences the sound of a man as a compliment, for the other does that really. After Smilla’s earlier defense of the man at her ass was respond to one of her friends even said ‘I would be there all not such a drama. Some things just happen at festivals.’ Just.

Official complaints: nil

In Sweden, the home of the First Aid Kit, held the country’s largest rock festival Bråvalla, the last year examined after 24 complaints for assault and 4 for rape. The official counter of Rock Werchter at the end of day two to zero in any type of unacceptable behaviour. “I think the atmosphere here isn’t at all threatening,” says Anne (18). “Earlier very relaxed in comparison with other festivals.’ You start festivals to compare, then you’ll also of music genres next to each other. Anne: ’I was Recently on a hiphopfestival where it is visibly worse than here.” Also at electronic festivals such as WECANDANCE and Tomorrowland are by different women experience a more severe degree of sexual harassment attributed. But that does not mean that there is also at Rock Werchter really have a place to be for sensitisation, a woman who has her name rather not be in the newspaper want. ‘You read on the big screens along stages or advice about safe sex and good personal hygiene at a festival, but an image with “no means no” is missing in the list.’

Principles broken relativized

Sarah (21) protrudes optimistic of shore if you ask her to nasty cross-border experiences of the recent days: “that’s not so bad here, I think.’ Barely two minutes later, she tells how a man yesterday, unsolicited, under her T-shirt was on The Hive. And, um, that is a ‘windfall’? She’s scared of what her first reaction. ’Actually, very, eh, that, that behavior is so widespread that we automatically say: gee, is all.’ If it’s any consolation to Sarah, almost any conversation about sexual harassment that we are here aanknoopten, ran so. A bizarre pattern. Moderation seems to be a female routine when it comes about loose hands. As strong as the fundamental fist was still in the First Aid Kit, so limp is the hand that we have the same wrong behavior in the wind store when it comes to our own personal experiences. Best really, but music has one big advantage: there is a repeat button. So maybe even start to listen? You are the problem here. A combative cry of choice roars you there itself but at the back.

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