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The Killers: There is em! There is em!

After the Red Devils the Divine Canaries out of the world cup had kicked, there was only one group that is sufficiently fireworks could take: The Killers, the band from fabulous Las Vegas’, with whom pathos, bombast and fake in their scheenlappen sewn.

Already at the time, ie, kick-off of their concert, they tried us with pink confetti on a cloud to the right). ‘The man’ wanted ‘m immediately binnenkoppen with his Talking Heads-funk-meets-Arcade Fire-disco and the soulful damestrio on the backings. The man was not in goudlamé dress lifted, wide-smiling host Brandon Flowers, but Kevin De Bruyne who is on the video screen behind the band appeared.

‘Where is the feesje?’ wild Flowers to know. Here, guess was we. ‘Somebody told me’ pressed the accelerator of his tuned sports car is still a little deeper in and ‘Spaceman’ used the Turbo Boost from Knight Rider to even higher to hit. Hey, in the world of The Killers, you can’t be too hard to do your best. But so much diligence to work on the laughter.

Laser beams shot through the night, mercenary Jake Blanton song bass metallic with our rib cage rattle as if he were the white bastard son of Larry Graham.

Then tried ” The way it was’, The Boss after a month gambling in Las Vegas, the swollen river that their concert was to be cancelled. “Hello Red Devils. Welkoom in our woonderbaarlieke show’, recalled the Flowers for us yet together. ‘You are the best team in the World Cup and you got the best band from Vegas playing for you.’

But after the furious start, dropped the cake anyway. ‘Run for cover’, a half-hearted attempt to Trump-bashing, is a song where you prefer looking for coverage. Flowers sang with a crack in his gaze, and brought out the high notes. He already Had the champagne, sat down for his set? Tsss.

As if he realized it, he jumped quickly from the monitors to the far corners of the stage. Blanton hunted with a slappende bass the eightiessynths of ‘Jenny was a friend of mine’, the drum beast Ronnie Vannucci Jr. mound by the under a glitterbal clogged post-punk of ‘Smile like you mean it’. Okay, that did he in every song, which makes that trick even they would get bored.

A fan from the audience got the thankless task Vannucci to replace it, but when it turned out that he was nothing of a liver he was allowed to drip off as Neymar and Brazilians. The Killers were also a moment of battle, ‘For reasons unknown’ unfolded as a bland recipe in the wrong order.

‘Runaways’ krikte the atmosphere, Flowers had the Bono in themselves loose for what owohoowoos. The audience was again awake. ‘When you were young ” had to hide for a rain of gensters, but ‘All these things’ cracked tricolore serpentines towards the limit. That they have soul, but no soldier, kirde the gospeltrio.

Just as nine years ago, when The Killers’ previous passage, proved to be ‘Human’ the biggest sing-along of the evening. Flowers crept behind his red glowing marssymbool and poured what Kraftwerk-synths and a vocoder. Nonsense, but what a lovely song. Just like that, there is em, hard wearing oldie ‘Mr Brightside’.

As smooth as the shiny teeth of Flowers was this concert not. But there was more life in The Killers than we had expected.

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