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The Breeders Huh. What? Wait… Yes!

“This could be a fuckin’ mess, but let’s go! ” says Kim Deal, before the band erupts in ‘Cannonball’. The device that allows her own voice in the intro is distorted, does indeed weird, but the song after all those years, yet nothing of its wild freshness is lost. In the Barn is actually jumped and danced, despite the heat.

Perhaps they had the oermoeders of the indie more often just ‘let’s go!’ have to say, because the concert was a frustrating exercise in coitus interruptus. A typical moment was “I just get along’. The song before it, ‘Off you’, there was not yet so good; the beginning of the concert was the sound still not good, and in the stands you could get the babble of Deal barely understood.

But “I just wanna get along’, sung by twin sister Kelley Deal, was a slap on the table: bright and punky, but with the typical Deal-smile. Finally, we thought, this concert is left.

And then… silence, a while back someone on her guitar prutste and minutes of consultations between the band and technicians. If it did work, it fell on Kelley for the variation caused by slide to play, or special effects on her guitar. That the songs of the new album All the Nerve, such as ‘Spacewoman’, feel free to in addition to the old material and may stand in the division, just not fake meisjesstemmen us gritty guitar”. That a lot of men of a certain age, their gsm bovenhaalden to ‘Gigantic’ filming.

That ‘Do you love me now’ and ‘Saints’, which they closed, not piece get. The Breeders are still the same cheerful western and eastern philosophy as twenty years ago (on the stoic and always perfectly prepared bassist Josephine Wiggs). You can also see it as staying true to your roots. But I suspect that any nostalgia helped in bringing this concert to taste.

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