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Stereophonics: Grating as Rod

Stereophonics, wasn’t that that band that we’ve since – we gambling, but the what – 2005 nothing more heard of it? Yes and no. They have since slabs continue to make and sell in their own country is still in cinemas, but we got the Welsh in the meantime, what in the oblivion. Already dropped the loyal fans earlier this year, however, in great numbers down to the AB.

That is understandable, because their passage on the Main Stage was more than decent. Their rock-based music press sounded great, the men looked in their black jeanstenue and ditto sunglasses nice and tight, and they had a wealth of entertaining songs. The waved, the rock, but to be honest it was all not really paste.

Except the hits. ‘Nice day’ was the perfect soundtrack to this sunny day, just as ‘Sunny’. Sunny pop without an edge. In ‘Maybe tomorrow’ had singer Kelly Jones are schuurpapierstem grating as only he can. Or no, correction: as only he and Rod Stewart. Both of them have ever ‘Handbags & gladrags’ covered. That cover was today not on the setlist. Track ‘Dakota’ again, and that popped off suddenly from the speakers as none of the previous songs popped up.

When the concert was over, and we had to conclude that Stereophonics is what concerns us not past the epithet ‘solid’ had managed to raise.

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