Serena Williams in tears baby

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The training of Serena Williams has Saturday ensured that the tennis player is an important moment in the life of her daughter has been missing…

Serena Williams

“She has her first steps… And I have missed it. I need to cry,” writes Williams on Twitter. Her followers, however, however, the humor of view: “Don’t worry. She has 22 grand slams missed, but will still know that you are the best tennis player of all time. There are thousands of magical moments with her”, someone writes.

Many other women share the sorrow of Serena and set her at ease because they also have the first steps of their children have missed. “I’ve missed it because her grandpa in front of me. So I was just present and didn’t see it!” But there are also women that there is a positive spin to giving it a try: “It’s all right, she was just practicing and he did that precisely because you was not at home. She wants you later a better show!”

But maybe Serena still has most of the sober opinion that the first steps are if they with their own eyes has seen. That is to stay home until the little girl again, the legs!

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