Russell Crowe offended to audition Deadpool 2

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Russell Crowe is known to be never to audition for his film roles. It was to put it mildly, not good when he was asked to audition for the role of Cable in the Deadpool 2.

Russell Crowe

In an interview with Collider tells comictekenaar Rob Liefeld that one night, he decided to take Russell Crowe to approach for Deadpool 2. “I was so stupid to post a message to Russell, while I never thought had been that he might actually respond. I told him to audition for the role of Cable, but that was not as I had hoped for.”

When Liefeld wake up the next morning, the evil had already been done. “There was quite a to me just. Russell Crowe had responded with: ’to Audition?!’. My manager let me quickly know that he never auditioned to do and I probably be quite offended.”

“I have my apologized and explained that nobody had found for the role and I, therefore, suggested. My phone was glowing red, some people have me then and for an hour questioned about how I the hell in my head had taken to do this.”

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