Roelof Hemmen caused a marriage with tattoo

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BNR presenter Roelof Hemmen is married with his four years younger wife Marjon. On News shows, the presenter, his tattoo of a engelenveer that he has on his right arm has convert as an alternative to a wedding ring. His wife has a similar, sierlijkere tattoo on her left arm.

Roelof Hemmen

Roelof wore spiked shoes from Las Vegas, the bride wore a cream-colored dress. Roelof Hemmen, who in may 2016, say goodbye to RTL News, opted for a tattoo instead of a wedding ring, because he has a wedding ring wearing his marriage with the in 2010 deceased Marjon van Rijn. She died of colon cancer.

In the middle of the mourning period, he fell for his current wife, who also Marjon is called. She was one of the best friends of his deceased wife. Roelof: “It originated when I was at the bottom of the pit lay. I sat opposite her and we looked at each other and suddenly I thought to myself: I will go with this woman never go away.” In march, he asked her to marry him by her on her 51st birthday a watch. “I thought that was nice: all the time we have together is on this watch. How nice would it be if we get to spend together.”

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