Producer/producer Joop de Roo died

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Producer, radio – and tv-man and musician by Joop de Roo is at the age of 88 died. Music was the common thread in his work and in his personal life. “A life that for many decades the character has been the music that made him so loved and for which he very much meant”, in a statement on behalf of the family.

In this photo from 1973 v.l.n.r.: Aad Bos and Joop de Roo. Seated v.l.n.r. Dizzy Gillespie and presenter Michiel de Ruyter.

The Roo (29 september 1929) was one of the founders of Radio Tour de France. From the beginning, in the seventies, it was still today popular radio programme already plenty of tunes and jingles. Also, he received an Edison for the production of the album My Romance – A Tribute to the Arranger (with the Metropole Orchestra conducted by Rogier van Otterloo), with as a soloist with among others his wife Greetje Kauffeld.

In the sixties, worked The Roo as the head of the ’Light Music’ in the VARA and later the AVRO, both on radio and television where he is also music programs produced. He took many famous jazz artists to the Netherlands, such as Stan Getz, Bill Evans, Dizzy Gillespie, Phil Woods, Mark Murphy and Nancy Wilson. From 1988 until his retirement he worked for the Hilversum conservatory. His musical expertise was noticed by the Montreux Jazz Festival, where he several times was asked in the jury session, where he performed in the annual tv-event Golden Rose (Rose d’or).

The Roo produced and advised numerous artists. He signed for almost all the albums of singer Greetje Kauffeld, with whom he was in 1969 in the marriage occurred.

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