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Nitrogen: BX vibes in da building

Nitrogen: BX vibes in da building


‘Are you ready for this afternoon, maddafakkers!’ Pregnant Guy is always good to have you out of your namiddagdutje to wake up. Together with its Nitrogen-bradders Astro, Jazz and Vega stronger he you with lots of BX vibes against the canvas of da building called Klub C.

Vega, finally an oldskool dj, kletterde immediately his raw sound around your ears. Of rusty metal scraped industrial sounds, paranoid electronics and dark trapbeats. In ‘2010’ cobble he a jazzy sample is between that of Donal Byrd could have been. In the background, danced a large N – the stikstoflogo – around a stark geometric lines.

Yes, the atmosphere was dark in Klub C. And who is on the out of coarse pieces of concrete are evil words of this gang Brusseleirs concentrated, saw a lot of outrage and anger. ‘On whom should I vote?/ Sold city / The top ten of the politics Which I was, growled Pregnant Guy in the jazzy ‘Def’, a song which he also his own lives omspitte.

Nitrogen is not afraid to have great stories to tell. About the Belgian division and Flemish vlaggenzwaaiers in Brussels vibrant, deep-cutting friendship in ‘2010’, about their love for hip-hop in ‘Zoizo’. Woordenstromen who is a good listener requirements, and not everyone jumped on the raft.

New-fangled Brussels Brihang resulted in 1000 milligrams of’ just in time for some aeration, with his poetic rhymes. ‘Everyone knows what that wave as you right catches up/ So we ri’and head up the job, ma each exit, the exit is worth it.” Delicious.

‘Yes’ fonkte enjoy the tent, but as the set to the output rolled became the raps and beats ever opruiender. Astro, Jazz and especially Pregnant Guy spitting the words out. The sick-sensible ‘Dobberman’ bite you in the neck, ‘Alembetant’ stuck jauntily his middle finger.

“Power is something dirty give it to the wrong”, snorted Nuisance, fortunately without the hope of the header in key: ‘Fuck the system but the tide can still turn.’ An unlikely hay this was, but who were allowed through to the next round. Whew.

“Today is this Rap Werchter!’ knocked Pregnant Guy on the chest, but Nitrogen was in moments of pure punk. Thick, so for the BX vibes.

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