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Millionaire: patriotism and Vanhamel

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For Dotan, who last minute afzegde for Rock Werchter, there was maybe more people to the Barn down. But the gitaarminnaars that today there were vervangingsact Millionaire to welcome, got value for their money. This was a concert in which you occasionally down, had to dive to the gitaarorkaan that about your head is how to dodge.

Yet went Millionaire airy start. Tim Vanhamel and band came to the stage incurred on the tones of the Brabançonne, and they wore red voetbaltruitjes. That is, of course, scoring from the first minute. Football, patriotism, Vanhamel, and the promise of a wild rock concert (because Millionaire is not exactly known for his softer songs): the perfect ingredients for day three of the festival. It Was in fact the fatigue of the audience, which ensured that the response was somewhat on the lame side was in the Barn? (Or are we ourselves after two days even though what is more tired and less observant than we want to admit?)

How to the Millionaire will not have. If you would like us to tell you that Tim Vanhamel and Sjoerd Bruil every evening go to sleep with their guitar, would we still believe also. How they used their instrument alternately embraced, and beaten, and on a piëdestal; that was much like a love affair. (A tempestuous love affair, or, having regard to that scourge.) Especially Bruil we saw never before so merry rondhuppelend guitar play – of Vanhamel, we are that awkward dance moves in the meantime.

Millionaire sounded live a pack of dirtier than on record: that was no surprise. Grungy guitars rockten ‘I’m not who you think you are’ (from their most recent album ‘Sciencing’) and ‘I’m on a high’, (say, do a classic from their repertoire) a at the end of the tent. Secretly we were glad when there are some bleeps from a keyboard appeared to be “Body experience revue” of a hint popdynamiek. Then it was time to ‘Champagne’, to burst or what do you think? No Millionaire-concert is complete without this safe-conduct for a gitaarorkaan.

Vanhamel chose today for the rough approach, that much was clear. For the pop of, say, “Me crazy, you sane” was no place. We are also not difficult to do, that picture we will explain later, or just at home.

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