Larsson proud of Sweden: ’Simply amazing’

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MIDDELBURG – At the moment that ’his’ Sweden against England stronger for a place in the semi-finals of the world cup, played Sam Larsson with Feyenoord a practice duel against the amateurs of the Zeeland team (2-0 win).

Sam Larsson

Not with 40,000 spectators filled the Samara Arena in Russia, but the fields of VV Zeeland in Middelburg. The attacker, who three times for the national team came out, it was by a debut year with ups and downs in Rotterdam was not selected for the world cup. However, he is in every fiber proud of what his compatriots have demonstrated. The worst blow of missing out on the global finals (Larsson spoke several times that his dream was to make it much too top.

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“Or it was difficult to get the matches to watch? Not really”, says Larsson. “I was hoping for my friends that they have a good turn out and that they have really done. Only through one of the toughest groups at the world cup, with Germany and Mexico, due to come. That was just awesome and far above all expectations in advance.”

Just after he Feyenoord what clutch would give some players in Zealand, he scored from a free kick, he heard of the shutdown by the English (0-2). “I have a part of the first half, however, still be able to see, but had themselves a race where I focus on had to keep,” says the Swede with a big grin. “It is very unfortunate. For me, I go for a better season than last year. Now I need the next big tournament, but when.”

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