Karl Vannieuwkerke to attack escapes

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Karl Vannieuwkerke had a few years ago to deal with cancer, 12 years ago he was hit by a meningitis. Has the presenter a good guardian angel? Himself he calls himself a cat with 9 lives. “I have a few times been lucky,” he told Friday in Plage Préférée on Radio 2. “The day before 9/11 I stood on the top of the WTC Towers. The US Open was on Sunday done, a final with Lleyton Hewitt who was by the way won and then still the boyfriend of Kim Clijsters was, and Monday night, we had to fly home. The Monday was a free day and then I’m on the top of the WTC towers, I fly a little later to go home, I lie in my bed and hear on Studio Brussels that there is a éénmotorig plane into the WTC Tower flown. Immediately after that, I turned on the tv and I say a second plane, the tower in fly. If you are on the wrong moment at the wrong place, then it is done.” To a guardian angel thinks Karl is not. “I think that this is pure chance, that is once the life and you can’t any time to dwell on it. You just need to enjoy every moment in life, but you don’t need to dwell on anything there is wrong, and what can happen and what could have happened.” That Karl is not a believer, plays in this story certainly have a role. “I am baptized and am used to very often to mass, even until I a year or 16 I went every Saturday night to the wrong, also because I a little was in love with the girl next door which the went wrong. But no, really do not believe. There are already too many things happened in the life so I think If there is a God, then this would all not happen?”. Where are we by the wars of religion do not all end up? In what world are we ended up by the extremism and religion? Then it is very difficult to believe? Also during his illness was the faith no grip. “My only gripe were my friends who were there and positivism. What actually is an advantage to the sick, to the extent that there ill be a benefit, is that you in your surroundings, know who is important and who is not. The real friends stay and the rest that you had when it went well, fall. I actually have a nice selection between those who are real friends and who are the fakers?
Those fakers are there of between and so you have a lot in life. I knew I was going to. 80% of the people who are lost, that I could advance, and which I had also never close to me. But that other 20%, you’re of course disappointed, if you think ‘true friends’ but they are there than not if it goes wrong or that never reach you. That’s unfortunate, for me but also for them afterwards as well because that should not come close.
Finally, you can also not have 100 friends. A true friend is someone who you that night in trouble and you call, and he can practically get, that that there is. So you have a few huh”, told Karl on Radio 2. Karl is particularly happy that he has which he can rely and vice versa is also true. “I think that’s so valuable, much more important than all the show and all the hoopla around there. Life is mainly to give eventually. But if you don’t, then you should also not too much”, beams a happy, Karl Vannieuwkerke, who is happy with his new girlfriend, his two children, but especially with the fact that he is healthy.

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