Jeweler suspected of murder robber

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Ghent – A jeweler in Oostakker on the northern side of Ghent for the murder arrested after he a robber had been shot. The jeweler was, according to local media Saturday something for the noon robbery by two armed criminals who will then take on a motorcycle from the feet made.

When shot the jeweler on his attackers, and one robber was hit, fell from the motorcycle and died. The other robber is still on the run. The robbers according to the police investigation itself is not shot.

There is often controversy about when the victims of criminals to defend himself. At the end of may is still considered a Southern French court, in a years and in France a controversial lawsuit against a jeweler from Nice. That killed in 2013 by a robber. He opened fire on two young men on a scooter that is just his store had been robbed. One was hit and died. The 72-year-old jeweller was ultimately a conditional prison sentence of five years, not for murder, but for a legal slightly weakened form of manslaughter.

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