Janine Abbring do not want to live together

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Janine Abbring will be moving shortly from Amsterdam to Hilversum, where they have a home in the woods has bought, because she likes to a quiet place of residence. Her friend, however, is not. “He really is a city boy, I think he would die in ‘t Gooi,” says the 42-year-old Summer guest-presenter on WOMAN. But secretly Janine that is a blessing. “I have never lived together, never that need.”

Janine Abbring and her friend at the Televizier Gala last year.

Small chance that Abbrings friend hurt will by these statements. “It interests him nothing, what I have in interviews say. Also because he is Swedish and not English speaking.” The downside of this is that he is also not watching tv and therefore less impressed by what Janine does. “Sometimes, that is also very irritating. That I think: do you know how important that person is with whom I have just talked?” Janine’s friend, will you also not quickly to her side to see the presentation of the Gouden Televizier-Ring. “That he will find a punishment.” Moreover, it was the first time she took him, no success. “He asked to very well known people:” What do you do?'”

However, she says that her friend will soon be a lot of passes. Together, they then walking and running about the moor. And that is good for her back. According to Abbring, that her ruggenwervel in 2012 shattered during recordings of Wie is de mol?, goes very well with her back. “I train a lot, with a personal trainer because I have no self-discipline”, she reveals. “If I admit to self-pity, and less move, is the pain worse again. Or if I’m in heels walk. If I still have a night do, I am immediately punished.”

It also goes better with Janine’s self-confidence. She is becoming less and less afraid to not be liked. Still think Abbring when meeting new colleagues that she is not fun to find. “I’m used to very, very bullied and there you have it, all this is a little psychology of the cold ground, I think to do with it,” she says. The bullying began when she brugpieper at another school came to be. “After three months, my parents were happy that the school collected. If I were those bullies from my old school came across, grabbed my bag and threw the contents empty over the track.”

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