It does not go well with tree Of Flesh and Blood

ad18a77363e58cb4dbe9fae39ab7f262 - It does not go well with tree Of Flesh and Blood

In Gazet Van Antwerpen, we read this weekend a lot less fun news. The famous bospoepersboom from the One series Of Flesh and Blood does not do so well. Nine years after the recordings appear to be the branches of the oak at the top of death, at the bottom is a lot of moss on the branches. “He is dying. They have to be hard to be shaken”, says ex-foreman Marc Ooms of the Prinsenpark in Retie. Or Of Flesh and Blood for extra sex tourism has taken care of? “Wildpoepen’s always happened,” says Ooms. “I remember late nights, if there is a event had been in provincial groendomein the High Mouw in Kasterlee and I in the evening after work in the parking lot of the Prinsenpark arrived. Then there were ever cars with the damp panes. That people watched not even if you to their car came. In the heat of battle you go through.”

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