Frontex: Spain is the new main route

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BRUSSELS – The head of Frontex, the EU agency that controls external borders of the European Union co-ordinates, warns a new main route for migrants to Europe. “If you ask me what my biggest concern is, will I Spain to say”, said Fabrice Leggeri, in an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

In June, they were about 6000 illegal border crossings from Africa counted in the western Mediterranean. “If this number continues to rise, will this route the main being,” said Leggeri. About half of these migrants were Moroccans, the others were from West Africa.

According to Frontex get migrants in Niger, a transit country, for several months an alternative route offered to be in place from Libya via Morocco to travel to Europe.

Leggeri said the plans for international housing in Africa, so no one can expect that, after his or her rescue to Europe would be charged. “If this automatism no longer exists, we can successfully the criminal business model to fight,” said the Frenchman about the centres where rescued people could be sent back.

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