Five people injured in stierenloop Pamplona

f36ca2f02a9d3f18ad8f7f7a60da3bc6 - Five people injured in stierenloop Pamplona

At the first ‘encierro’ on Saturday, the stierenloop of the San Ferminfeesten in the Spanish Pamplona, five people were injured.

One of them was, according to the local Red Cross hit by the horn of a bull and was gored. The four others ran small injuries, among other things by falling down.

All five of the wounded to the hospital.

The first stierenloop took place in the wet streets of Pamplona, making it even more dangerous. The bulls, who are between the 550 and 630 kilos, weighed, and laid the trail of 848 metres through the town in just three minutes.

The San Ferminfeesten take place from 6 to 14 July, and annually attract hundreds of thousands of tourists. Since the beginning of the stierenloop in 1911, there are 16 people to the life to come. The last time that happened in 2009.

Last year 51 people were injured during the celebrations.

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