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Emma Bale: dreams of Curaçao

Emma Bale ‘plays’ All I want’ and ‘teenager in a white dress’ is emerging in a young vamp. The cheers when she has her jacket off, throws in bikinitopje continue to sing: you had the need to hear. They had a drummer and bassist, and a keyboardist, who in their T-shirts what underdressed were next to the black glitterpak of their boss.

Which has already been the one song that a group of random strangers do merge to form a fanbase? ‘Curacao’, with its catchy ‘put your head back chorus and its fresh, keyboards – such as Flip Kowlier would say: that works. They closed it off and it was the only song that spontaneously was sung, without the had to pull. What they were at the other numbers, however, continued to try, for which a tribute.

The other songs have stronger hooks, and a private face. We heard too often, Maggie Rogers, and in a number that ‘Joan’ is called, Florence Welch.

There may also still in its livepresence be worked: up to two times announced they have a new number to which they then the title is not announced. She has a few good moves, but she seems not there yet, feel free to go on a speaker stand, but is gone again as the photographers build. While photographers on Werchter really fast build. There are mountains of potential to be mined. On your eighteenth you’ve got the time for it.

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