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Dribbelwonder Hazard’s record against Brazil

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Eden Hazard sparkled together with his team mates against Brazil. The captain was in the forefront of the battle and brought the defence of the Divinity of Canaries arranged in the problems. It should, therefore, not surprising that he’s failing statistics put. In addition, he picked up even a record.

Hazard put against Brazil namely, ten what about spot’s in and concluded that all ten successfully. That allows Opta, a British company specializing in sports stats.

It is success rate of 100 percent, a perfect report and record during a world cup. Since 1966, the statistics are kept, no one was ever in for more what about spot’s to go on and successfully complete.

Hazard set as its label of dribbelaar yet again in the paint. Earlier it was the goal from Jan Vertonghen against Japan set a record: the longest distance ever recorded for a world cup goal with the head is scored.

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