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Chvrches: Lots of light, less songs

And it must be said: the show of the electro-pop band became the youngest years just get better and better. Singer Lauren Mayberry has a coat rack out of her t-shirt removed, and is now dancing actually on the stage. An oldie as ‘Gun,’ takes advantage of the new live-drummer, and Mayberry take vocal risks.

Where the apron is, however, with the new material. A selection from the choruses of their latest album, Love is dead: ‘Get out, get out/ get-get-get out, “Now we never will/ never will’, ‘I would hate you till forever-ever-ever-ever’, ‘Never ever ever ever ever ever ever say that’. Just to say: Chvrches should be somewhere in a pophandboek have read that repetition works. But sometimes follows the practice, the theory does not.

That the public with a aandachtsstoornis suffered by a certain football game, did the thing is also no virtue. ‘Thank you for, uh, showing up!’, said Mayberry. ‘During the 15 minute overlap with the game at the end of our set, we’ll keep you updated on the scores. Maybe.’

Chvrches did in that last quarter its best to make the tent upon the neck skin to deal with ‘Clearest blue’ and ‘The mother we share’, but proved mainly that the songs are not grown in step with the band. The last note fell, and only then began really buzzing: 1-0 for the Red Devils.

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