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Camping in a garden at a festival

Camping in a garden at a festival

In the shadow of the great Rock Werchter spot we small entrepreneurs, fighting against the bierkaaien. The commitment of Campr? Cosy and authentic camping. ‘Because that has no price’

On the other packed tents and noisy neighbours on the camping The Hive, or a quiet backyard in Haacht, at ten minutes from the festival grounds of Rock Werchter? For Leen, Daniel, Mimi, and Brain was …

On the other packed tents and noisy neighbours on the camping The Hive, or a quiet backyard in Haacht, at ten minutes from the festival grounds of Rock Werchter? For Leen, Daniel, Mimi, and Brain was, that choice was quickly made. She zips their tent open in the garden of Marc Verbeelen and Anneleen Smets. ‘Sleep well?’, asks the host. The eyes are still glassy from a night on the sagging after the victory of the Red Devils against Brazil.

These couples were looking for their stay further than the website of Rock Werchter. ‘I’m always looking for alternative nights during a festival, but also on holiday. In Corsica we were all in a cave that the sea came out. Then you would not start sleepwalking,’ laughs Brain Eves in Nottingham. He’s the fourth Friday of his 56th birthday, and in return got a ticket for Pearl Jam as a gift. Glastonbury was sold out, so end up he and his wife Mimi Boocman at Rock Werchter.

Its unique line-up remains of foreigners flocking to attract. Often, they travel for days, on arrival to discover that there is not a square inch more is available at the campsite. The Hive is bursting at the seams. Students with a low budget, there without a festival ticket yet, a bit of the atmosphere of the action. Who is an extra penny in the pouch do on MySpace, are -yes – space per square meter of turf ‘rent’. And in The Hive resort to walk the glamping prices to 1.182 euros for two persons.

Ahow massacamping

‘Then book I would prefer a place in the garden of a local, ” says Leen De Ceuninck from Ghent. She sits her Mexican friend from their home in Montpellier to Rock Werchter with her to her homeland. ‘Via the web platform Campr we arrived at Marc and Anneleen. Marc has late last night my air mattress to help blow up. My pump did not. Now we are here treated as the king on a breakfast. Our car is parked in front of the door and soon, we will go with the bike in the direction of festival.’

The young entrepreneurs Sebastiaan Schillebeeckx and Wim Vanhorenbeeck founded Campr in 2015 as the graduation project of Thomas More College, to the two sided market place model of Airbnb and Tinder. “The idea for garden owners and campers to bring together emerged from many years of personal frustrations. Both Sebastian and I have bad memories of impersonal massacampings in the South of France, where thousands of people on small plots and cages.’

‘As an alternative, we opted for a garden in the neighbourhood of Paris, where we have a single symbolic euro’s were welcomed with a bottle of wine, a good conversation, local travel tips and loads of more comfort than a campsite are used to. In the meantime, we’re acquaintances at the remote Campr spots. Very nice is that, in order for people to connect, through a web-based platform. Demand and supply grow each year. People are curious, social animals, who love to surround yourself with like-minded people, and share their knowledge.’


On the Campr-place in Haacht are the guests in the meantime joined us for brunch. No fries or kebap on this festivalmenu, but oatmeal and fresh bread in the shade of a parasol. That helps to keep the bad mood and the hangover to soften.

Marc has the space around the festival grounds of Rock Werchter as local residents see change. “In the past, organized by the local associations, all the campsites and the positions around it, together with the farmers. Now let that last their country to Live Nation for The Hive. There are now seven associations along the track, but there is a piece of local folklore lost.’

“Maybe that with the organization of the safety?’ suggests Brain. “That’s what they tell the people, yes,” replied Marc, laughing. “I have put my garden in any case not open for total strangers to currency to save. It is an interaction. The host is treating to something, in this case, a breakfast, and the guests also. The guests pay only an administrative fee of five euros to Campr.’

Deeleconomie, is called a term. “When Marc camping is not only cheaper and more efficient, it is also a very different experience,” decision Brain. ‘The little risk you take by relying on unknowns, has been with me always, just better and more authentic experiences led. Adventure knows no price.’

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