broeder Dieleman shows off new work at intimate concert

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Acoustifest is the name of a series of small-scale events in which musicians in an intimate setting, their songs share. During the huge football game Brazil-Belgium it was in an old church building on a quiet street in Gouda in time for the music of brother Dieleman.

Tonnie Dieleman was in a very cheerful mood, and, between the songs by the time to talk about his music and the formation of the double album Comma. The major source of inspiration for Comma were the walks that he the last two years, along the coast of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.

Perfect moment

The most beautiful moments he experienced, as all parts of nature (the water, the clouds, the trees, the animals) in a short time perfectly coincided. For example, if the sun through the clouds broke and a beautiful piece of nature in the light set. Something was brother Dieleman tries in his music.

In the base let his songs can best be described as Zeeuws-Flemish music. Songs about prominent personalities, faith or nature. The big difference is that the songs of Tonnie Dieleman brand new in comparison to the often generation of folk songs that, for example, Alan Lomax collected.


broeder Dieleman played the music non-amplified with only his banjo as accompaniment. He Later added singer Saint Helena Dove joined with the second voice. Also he contributed songs and poems without guidance. The new songs had again the familiar themes. The prominent priest Omer Gielliet came back to bid in a new song as well as an old woman who they accused of witchcraft, and the holy Christopher. Also let brother Dieleman a song that he recorded with Wannes Cappelle of The Sixth Metal.

The old classics came also to bid. Think of the beautiful Cormorants, and Gloria. Then it was time for the audience to involve. After some explanation were the spectators in the old church a choir, which helped to Zilverspa and O. l.v. of the polder even more. Despite the lack of football was the Gouda is also a memorable evening. broeder Dieleman is a very unique talent within the Dutch music.

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