British government reached a ‘collective position’ on European deal

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The British government has, after twelve hours of meetings a ‘collective position’ taken on the relationship of the Uk with the European Union after the Brexit.

In a response speaks to the British prime minister Theresa May “an important step” in the negotiations. Her government was agreed.

‘Of course we have a lot of work with the EU to the end of October to get’, she states. “But it is good that we are today, after our detailed discussions, to a positive future for the United Kingdom are come.”


In the ‘collective view’, the British government, a free trade area between the United Kingdom and the EU. For industrial goods and agricultural produce would thereby common rules have to be followed. The British parliament, however, continues to retain the right to deviate from the European rules. For the important services sector in the United Kingdom, including: financial services, there is a other scheme, with greater ‘flexibility’.

Other important points from the document include the establishment of a ‘joint douaneterritorium’, the preservation of the right of the British to their own import duties to eliminate their own trade policies. The free movement of persons must be on the shovel. In its place comes a ‘mobiliteitskader’ in which new rules for British and European citizens are contained in each other’s territory, to travel or to work. A ‘hard boundary’ between Ireland and Northern Ireland or between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, see the government-May not sit.

The Uk would also no longer fall under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. The country will, however, ‘its decisions are observed in areas where common rules are in force’.


With the proposals, choose May and her government for a softer Brexit and she searches for rapprochement with the EU. But the plan will undoubtedly be in a lot of hard Brexiteers cause resentment. So says member of parliament Andrea Jenkyns ‘British companies are still the rules of the EU will have to follow’.

Downing Street hopes that the new commitments the next phase of the talks will facilitate. “I believe that this proposal is good for the EU and the Uk,” says May. “I look forward to it positively.” Next week will publish the premier a white paper.

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