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Arsenal: Fire. Wick. Powder-keg.

54286ee3acc961f52e65071788f32dd2 - Arsenal: Fire. Wick. Powder-keg.

We had in the football, the Brazilians have just knocked, came to Arsenal there, just turn on the ‘Saudade’. As if it had to be so. In the absence of a Belgian voetballied was this Portuguese song, but to overwinningslied lifted up in the Klub C: there was no holding back this crowd, there would have to be jumped, danced and sung. Because after Franz Ferdinand the fire here earlier about the fuse lit, it was now the turn of Belgium’s most popular real estate agents in exotic grooves to the powder keg to explode. And that did it.

Arsenal built their set quietly, with a few songs from the new album ‘Into the rush or shaking shoulders’, including the recent track ‘Amplify’. On the stage was singer John Roan, as always, flanked by Leonie Gysel, the radiant sun of Arsenal that again in a brightly coloured robe, her kroezende hair and her voice showed it fan out a little about the songs. Gysel, and Roan received a reinforcement of two backingzangeressen, of whom one came to the fore in ‘Temul’, the song with that famous recurring ‘lie low’-themaatje in the lyrics. Of course, it was not in the more thoughtful tracks from Arsenal – as we already mentioned: there had to be, and there would be dancing.

That is not onbelanrijke given (you, after all, just one time per year at Rock Werchter) they had at Arsenal, of course, included. So dazzled them first on a sparkling ‘Estupendo’, and then on a steaming ‘Saudade’, and finally also on the mega hits ‘Melvin’ and ‘Lotuk’. The highlight of the concert was in ‘Melvin’. Excited to jump up and down and at the same time, of wooh-wooh-ooh-oh-ooh sing: that was exactly what a euphoric audience at this time. ‘Turn it up now, baby’: that was the lords and ladies of Arsenal only once to say.

Again did Arsenal are now legendary live reputation, all honor. The day that Arsenal only 199 percent instead of the full 200, there must be something grondigs wrong with the group.

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