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Angèle: 20,000 men in the bedroom

Rise did Angèle with ‘La Thune’, still, but her third single.

It is cosy reggaepop in which the 22-year-old Bruxellois one of the most sophisticated fileringen of Instagram offers, which we have lately been heard. Perhaps because they are, with its 330.000 followers, also slightly better than other artists sums up how bittersweet the game of intimacy in exchange for ‘instafamousness’.

Also her other songs sounded a bit like her light blue, with clouds embroidered silk bathrobe looked like: sunny, summers, frisky. ‘Les matins’ and ‘Balance tons quoi’ floated on childish cute keyboarddeuntjes, but that last houses is a strong sneer to #MeToo-pigs.

Radiohits ‘Loi de Murphy’ and ‘Je veux tes yeux” remained the star of the set the songs in between verrieden that there is still a lot of chaff in Angèles young oeuvre. The sister of Roméo Elvis, here Sunday KlubC on stilts is, offset it with a lot of humor and play. Nothing ‘high concept’: Angèle danced around as if The Barn bedroom was. But one with space for 20,000 spectators.

Quit she did with the luiheidsode ‘La flemme’. That hoofdzonde seems, however, not the singer spent. In the ‘current vague’, a song that they three weeks ago wrote, if its live band (drummer, keyboardist and bass player) to make room for a sampler, as if to show: I can do it all yourself. The dance-beat tasted like Christine and the Queens – the popgoud remains so by Angèles veins flow. Her debut album comes out in October: we can not wait.

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