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Anderson .Paak: Save wisely, people!

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Anderson .Paak

“Are you happy to be alive, Belgium? Do you have something to celebrate?’ It was after Belgium-Brazil easy for artists to open wipes to get of the public, but Anderson .Paak had those tricks not even needed: in The Barn, even going the most onvermurwbare hips for the axe.

The 32-year-old Californiër today in grand do, it was in new singe ‘Bubblin’. ‘I’ve been broke way longer than I’ve been rich, so until it levels out/ I’mma take your mom to the Mariott and wear it out’: Paak rapte it with such a grin that the tent of the forgave him. Even more: they put it in a merciless jump. Not bad for a song that is essentially about saving.

Because Paak is more than a feestbakker. In soulkrakers as ‘Carry me’, he manages joy to create from misery. The jail time from his mother, his temporary homelessness: it was brought with a not to be sneezed at funkfactor.

Paak allowed to also live band the Free Nationals spotlight: keyboardist Ron Avant if of us a half hour longer hiphopklassiekers as ‘Still Dre’ and ‘N*ggaz in Paris” from his piano continue to shake. When Paak himself behind his drums he crawled in, it was already all the way price: even the more jazzy ‘Heart don’t stand a chance’ and ‘Sweet gidget’ ontspoorden in the festivities.

‘You are making our dreams come true,” praised the all-rounder in the Werchterpubliek. And he also who of them has performed: ‘Lite weight’, ‘Luh you’ and ‘Am I wrong’ turned the floor of The Barn to a trampoline. ‘I never want to waste your time’, sang Paak in that last one. No worries, Anderson: it’s yours, it’s mine.

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