Amanda Seyfried was bullied

17616bc5414861e81663702dc7c36ba0 - Amanda Seyfried was bullied

Amanda Seyfried is nowadays by many adored, but that was before. The Mamma Mia actress, her career began as a model, was as a teenager just really bullied.

Amanda Seyfried

“I started my modelling work, because it is so glamorous it was, and because people I like for the camera wanted to have. I used to be properly laughed at on school because I am so pale and ugly,” says Seyfried.

The 32-year-old actress is also said to suffer from ocd and panic attacks. “I have the idea that I, the older I become, also becoming darker word. I listen a lot to podcastst and audio books, it is a kind of meditation. Also reminds me that I am part of a greater whole.”

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