YouTuber Dylan Haegens shows trailer of the film

The Dutch YouTube sensation Dylan Haegens is soon to be seen as… Dylan Haegens in the feature film ‘The Movie of Dylan Haegens’. He plays none other than himself. This is the trailer!

For his 1.3 million followers, he makes every week a video. This time it was a real movie about him! In The Film of Dylan Haegens’, we follow Dylan. A successful guy on YouTube. Everything runs on wheels. One thing after than… We are, another YouTuber is copying almost every video of Dylan and he scores it even better!
Haegens showed the trailer and movie poster all on his YouTube channel. The views poured in. In less than 24 hours, the trailer 350,000 times viewed. In the meantime, the counter on 600,000 views. From 15 August the movie in the Flemish cinemas distributed by Kinepolis Film Distribution (KFD).

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