Winner of the Bake Off Flanders open case

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Join a bakwedstrijd on television can have serious consequences. Hans Martens (58), the man who last year Bake Off Flanders won, says goodbye to his full-time job to have more time for his own microbakkerij. That bakery needs to micro to stay Hans: “I don’t want to industrieels. I bake at home.” That is in The Newspaper. After his victory, brought Hans with a bakboek, and his calendar was soon filled with workshops and demonstrations. It was to him almost a bit too much. Now he is on the microbakkerij focus. “I bake just at home, I am well equipped. I have a kneader, an oven for ten loaves of bread, a proofing cabinet. Nothing industrieels. I would like a larger oven can buy, but then you’ll be five thousand euros. I want to also not too large, it remains a hobby”.

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