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Vince Staples: Earthquakes in Klub C

Guys, what was Vince Staples back charred. Yes, his beats all came from a box. Even for his choruses, the California rapper not afraid to press play. But what threat was there of are set out in Klub C.

On his own, he went onvervaard in the sardineblik. He looked ordinary, with a red T-shirt with the text ” Girls don’t cry’, jeans and sneakers. But his eyes you could see the throat cutting. Like a caged predator, he looked for the corners of the looming fog-shrouded stage.

Behind him flickered a wall of tv screens with twisted slides, say, the vomit of our beeldcultuurverslaving. Some stray fishing to ‘Big fish’, one of the tracks from his still matchless album, Big fish theory. Or the death travelling space shuttle and Voyager in the of Gorillaz borrowed ‘Ascension’. But sometimes it went to the screens just ‘Off air’.

His musical hybrid took you ruthlessly at the neck skin. A headstrong mix of bare-bones Detroit techno, sinister grime, twisted 2-step and seething, industrial-electronic sounds. ‘How I’m supposed to have a good time/ When death and destruction is all I see?’, sounded in a pitch-black beat gespijkerde ‘Party people’. Well. The album ‘Bagbak’ dolde with jungle and bastardized synths. Just as sharp were the “Norf norf” and “Blue suede,” in which a dead Elvis on the tv bounced.

In comparison with his take-no-prisoners-show at Pukkelpop last year, took Staples the audience is now more in tow. ‘You all gotta go crazy’, he commanded and it came to pass. The floor vibrated from his handles while his fans to a wildly bouncing convert. The videos of earthquakes in the beat of Sophie dancing to ‘Yeah right’ locks smart to make it happen.

At the beginning of march put Staples a fundraisingcampagne, along with the new track ‘Get the fuck off my dick, ” here ferocious, the set opened. 2 million to gather to himself to silence and as to his accusers to escape. Please keep your money in your pocket!

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