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‘Vandals Vlooybergtoren being unmasked’

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The perpetrators of the arson at the Vlooybergtoren are unmasked, and so has the mayor of Tielt-Winge published.

‘On the basis of an anonymous letter, we know the gang’, said mayor Rudi:, managed by (Open VLD). ‘Early next week is their identity disclosed.’ Vrijdagvoormiddag reported the VRT that there is a golden tip about the perpetrators was received by the mayor.

The watchtower on the Vlooyberg, known thanks to the Four-series Callboys, was on 30 June heavily damaged after a night-time arson. Mayor:, managed by received Friday morning in a letter to the offenders.

‘The anonymous letter was Thursday, posted in Brussels. The sender is unknown, but the content of the letter leads us to the perpetrators. I call them clear the gang of the Vlooybergtoren’, says:, managed by.

‘It’s going to at least five offenders from the Hageland’, thus:, managed by. ‘They committed in this piece of Flemish-Brabant, and several cases of arson. The police has assured me that the public prosecutor’s office the identity of the perpetrators early next week to publish.’


Before, it was already decided to the eleven-metre-high floating staircase to rebuild, and to one and a half metres higher to build than he initially was. ‘This statement should symbolize that the power of a community much larger than terrorist violence’, thus:, managed by.

To bear the costs, there comes a benefietfuif with the Callboys as djs.

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