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Triggerfinger: Colossal grooves

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With danger for own life, we speak against you, Josh Homme. The best dressed musician on the festivalwei wasn’t your guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, but Ruben Block of Triggerfinger. The graying heads guitarist of our tricolore QOTSA wore in Klub C a beautiful Nudie suit, where Gram Parsons late a bottle of whiskey veil for would have had. The red glitterlaarzen made it all the way off.

Along with the other sharp dressed men Mario Goossens, Paul Van Bruystegem and Geoffrey Burton – the power trio is a four-person monster – dropped Block immediately the flame in the pan store. ‘Let it ride’ snorted like a wild bull in search of the last piece of tender grass. The metallic bass of Van Bruystegem felt as a scourge on your back and Block wept like a lone wolf. Jup, also in terms of sexy swagger had Triggerfinger not much envy for the Queens.

‘First taste’ and ‘By absence of the sun pierced the wooden floor with a similar stonerboogie. But you can not always in the same gear and keep driving, also realized Block and co. ‘Flest tight clung to a filthy but at the same time, catchy hook, and ‘Steady me’ dolde with bubbles, skipping drumroffels and a call and response à la The Who.

‘My baby’s got a gun’ was afgekloofd to a splashing skeleton of an old blues singer remained. But the kolossaalste groove was reserved for, well, ‘Colossus’. Block put on a bass guitar to, and let them intertwine with those of van Bruystegem. The beast with two backs, there was nothing against it.

In our droomsetlist slammed the sex of ‘Candy killer’ behind. It was a… drum solo by Goossens, who turned in a drum-off with Mirko, an eight-year-old an avalanche that his skill on the sheets should not show. That gastje has his future to found, but the intermezzo added little.

‘All this dancin’ around’ and the Iggy Pop borrowed ‘Funtime’ attracted the bluesy rockgroove fortunately back on track. “We’re having fun’, sang the four, and that was not a lie. Triggerfinger may this year, twenty blowing out the candles. This tight show was already one of the cherries on the cake.

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