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Tom Walker: thirty degrees, and a wool hat

“Who wants my guitar? I give them away for free!’ Suddenly were all ears pricked up at Tom Walker in KlubC. “You just need to have a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #iwanttomsguitar’, he added. Commercialism is everywhere, even in the authentic singer-songwriters.

For instance, Tom Walker, with his hat – it is thirty degrees, man – and wild beard. He has the stories: “We were here almost unaffected’, into he a classic of the tourleven. “On the way to here is our bus without gasoline!’

Unfortunately, it fails always in those stories to incorporate into his songs. Such as ‘Rapture’, in which the 26-year-old in the audience ‘fuck it’ lets say… Yes, against what? “We give it all or nothing/ cause we’ve got to stand for something’: the slogan can be both for and against Brexit, abortion, or voting for squirrels.

What a contrast with “Leave a light on’: in that opening track is Walkers buldergrom to his right, with a slow piano intro, and a meeschreeuwbaar chorus about always ready for friends with problems. KlubC lap, woke up, sang to him, gave a polite applause, and moved. On to the next hit on the meadow.

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