This Is the secret behind the stoic face of Victoria Beckham?

25515d2d9f4417524d9b63485249348f - This Is the secret behind the stoic face of Victoria Beckham?

We see her never really full-on laugh, and her facial expression would be grumpy. Still, it would be immobile face of Victoria Beckham on further inspection is also a sign of calmness.

She wears a pair of sunglasses, but Victoria Beckham is not exactly a sunshine in the house, not even during the shopping in Paris.

That you would at least think, now the modevrouw reveals what she always carries. She reveals to the fashion magazine Elle that she always has a supply of calming crystal in her bag carries. Also process the ’healing stone’ in her outfits. There would, in theory, always a ’healing energy’ to Victoria parts.

According to her, certain stones, certain moods. The fashion designer believes so strongly in, that they are her new pre-fall collection even has adapted. “We have precious stones to broeklussen attached and have secret bags made in the wide trousers. In it you can your amulets to be worn wherever you’re going,” says Victoria to Elle.

Also the marriage of Harry and Meghan could Victoria not to let a smile, though it turned out that David’s cosy evening with another lady the reason could be

The collection also offers jewelry with stones such as White Howlite, that stress should reduce, the mind must be calm and the body would relax. Tiger’s Eye, in contrast, promises to understand a person’s courage and strength to tap into and help people with their dreams to achieve… The former Spicegirl tells her that it is not. “I have years and years read and recommendations from friends followed.” There would be also a gemstone that occasionally a smile on her face can conjure up?

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