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They will win for sure?

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Everyone on the meadow of Werchter is for the big screen, transfixed. Anyone? No, in a uithoekje of the grounds, the Barn, offer fans of Ben Howard courageous resistance.

In the tent where Ben Howard occurs, and a laptop flipped open on the top of the light – and geluidstafels. Which we Jan Mulder recognize. He will be in the next two hours without power attack, assures a lighting technician Werner: “We have a special streaming feature. We have all world cup matches followed so, not necessarily at Rock Werchter, but on other festivals. I would not do it for another sport, and I also look only to the matching of Belgium, from the quarter-finals. That team is good, but you need them potjandorie starting to get.’

Howard said on Studio Brussels that his technical team would prefer to the match had looked. ‘Yes, there is a screen backstage, and we all podiumtechnici now.’ If Howard a string breaks during the concert, it would be longer than normal can take a while for a new guitar.

It is a long search for a football shirt of the Red Devils in the Barn, but Dries from Oudenaarde has a to. “There were choices to be made: the end of Snow Patrol view, to Ben Howard, or follow the game. It was not easy.’ His friend Reuben comfort: ‘Over four years, to play the Devils again, Ben Howard you can not often see.” The music finally gave the clincher: “I have all of Howard once again listened to and for the concert are chosen.”

‘Soccer is interesting’

Michele from Bruges is all ready on the first row. “As soon as Ben Howard was announced, I buy a ticket. Three years ago I had made especially for him a day ticket purchased, but when he had to cancel due to pneumonia. Howard is special. He dares to experiment. I love his stubbornness: soon, here are a hundred people with song titles, on signs, but he plays what he thinks he should play. He is a bit mysterious. I have the other match of Belgium before, but this was not a difficult choice. They’ll still win?”

‘Soccer is interesting’, says Pieter-Jan from Mechelen, ” but you are at a festival to hear music etc. Howard, we already have three times seen, and with a little luck, we will see him in the autumn in Frost or in Berlin.’ His buddy Felix from Leuven nods: ‘Howard is an artist that can touch people.’

Jakoba and David from Holsbeek are not there yet. ‘She finds it weird that I was at a festival for soccer, go to watch, but they have that large screen not just set up.’ Their daughter is sitting there all ready, but Jakoba think that they are still in the Barn. Five minutes before the start of the concert is that but a tiny bit less full than you would normally expect.

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