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The lonely Brazil-supporter at Werchter-wei

f55acd037793599572dfc0ae2bd35ac2 - The lonely Brazil-supporter at Werchter-wei

A field full of red shirts and flower garlands. In between: one man with a Brazilian flag around the shoulders draped. “It will be exciting. But we’re going to you knock, ” he says.

Daniel Saraiva was two years ago at Rock Werchter. ‘When I saw the poster of this year saw, I could not do otherwise than return.’ It was a European trip. First, he travelled to Iceland, then to Berlin, now he is in Werchter. ‘What a lovely coincidence that my and your country now play against each other. I think we will win, but it will be a close one, especially with crackers like Hazard in your team.’

Saraiva lives in the south of Brazil, near the border with Uruguay. ‘If we lose, I can possibly move. It is an option. But then I run the risk that I’m in the semi-finals once more, you are on the thunder to get it.’

His world cup is already successful. “The quarter finals is too little for us, but it is not wrong. And especially: the Argentines are already home.’

During our photo shoot, Daniel was accosted by three of the Red Devils supporters. ‘You go on the photo? Then we can forecast the action is. 1-3 for us.”

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