The dead and missing in Japan by extreme weather

TOKYO – In Japan as a result of extreme rains, two people died. Hundreds of thousands of residents in the west and centre of the country have been evacuated because of the heavy rains the rivers overflow and there is the potential for landslides is

According to the Japanese meteorological service there is a problem of “historic rainfall”. The service warns of more precipitation to Sunday. On a part of the main island of Honshu was Friday morning two times as much rainfall as normal in the entire month of July.

A person died when he was water flowing in a pipe. An elderly woman died when she was overthrown by the wind. Several people are still missing, among whom a child.

Landslides and floods

Dozens of people were injured, of whom four seriously, reported the disaster agency. Some people were buried under a landslide. Rescue workers try them out to dig.

Around the 168,000 is people had to leave their homes due to the threat for landslides and floods. The disaster agency has a further 1.2 million people are advised to leave the area. That also applies to inhabitants of the former capital, Kyoto. There, authorities have bridges and promenades along the rivers are closed.

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