Sick Rossana Kluivert needs TLC-series delay

8bd533284997bd1c30481407d31dd2cc - Sick Rossana Kluivert needs TLC-series delay

Doctors have Rossana Kluivert not recommended to Curaçao to travel for filming of her reallifeserie on TLC. In may she went in Barcelona under the knife, after breast cancer when she was diagnosed. Her doctors think it is not wise to radiation, she writes on Instagram. The recordings are therefore moved.

Rosanna Kluivert

The wife of ex-footballer Patrick Kluivert would be in the TLC series Kluivert Dog Rescue Center stray dogs on Curacao save. “I would actually go to Curaçao to travel to my dream, along with a lot of fantastic people who make this possible from the Netherlands, Belgium and Curaçao. After my surgery, I am now recovered sufficiently to do this, I thought. Unfortunately, find the doctors that it is not wise to the radiotherapy and I will first go and with both hands.”

Rossana has been more than ten years for the welfare of street dogs. She wants to be with the help of family, friends and the islanders a private shelter in Curaçao to set up.

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