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Queens of the Stone Age: Now with Spider-man

Josh Homme had us probably in the first minute. While the music of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange still by the amplifiers echoed, he oversaw the masses as a farmer his fields, and saw that the battle already was won.

Fair is fair: Queens of the Stone Age was, therefore, not less work. Stormed by ‘Do it again’ after drummer Jon Theodore without a second to miss accelerated and the band is flawless in ‘The lost art of keeping a secret’ came out.

Who are these stoners in his early days, has seen, had no euros on a bet that he ever had such a flawless machine might be. In ‘No one knows’ if Theodore a macho drum solo of vengeance (the camera swung halfway to guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, that quasi-bored and cigarette was smoking, haha). After a minute she picked up the band the riff again, as if it was nothing. And then there were the countless perfectly executed stop-starting times.

The group released a slightly altered version of the show in the Sportpaleis, with the same flexible lighting elements on the stage that occasionally a rotschop got from Homme. And with an incredible string of hits after a good half hour, were “Go with the flow’, ‘Feet don’t fail me’ (with a crowd that pogode on that ‘Carmina burana’-achtigr intro, weird face) and “The way you used to’ already passed.

If that was to continue, we were a collective of ascended and on the path of the planes landed regularly on the meadow shave. Queens of the Stone Age was so attentive to what gitaarfreakerij in welding in which the Lions actually such a dreaded dubbelnekgitaar bovenhaalde.

So we got the chance to enjoy our attack of hyperventilation under control and to enjoy Hommes wisdom (‘we can not make the most of ‘now’?) and his jokes. The highlight, without a doubt, the kwiet in a Spider-manpak that first Homme was praised for his suit (“You look great, but I wonder how you have sex in that suit?) Spidey was invited on stage, the crowd hoisted him on their hands… and there he stayed to dance to Homme him firmly to the wings pushed. Meanwhile, the band is the intro playing ‘You think I aint’t worth a dollar, but I feel like a millionaire’. Chapeau!

Talent for an anecdote to make a weird situation: it is but the icing on the cake. The cake itself is a band that’s incredibly heavy, but it is never treble sounds – thanks Hommes sweet baritone – and that always swings. He finished by the way as tight as he had started, with Hommes favorite song ‘If I had a tail’, a rap ‘Little sister’ and an imminent ‘Songs for the dead’, in which keyboardist Dean Fertita what horrid sounds wove. And then lifted up Theodore they drumsticks for a final roar – which never came. We are waiting still.

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