Pompeo seeks in North Korea guarantees for promised denuclearisation

90921b1a75e04f098b7738db6016b898 - Pompeo seeks in North Korea guarantees for promised denuclearisation

The American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo is Friday in the North Korean capital Pyongyang arrived. He will make Kim Jong-un meet, and hopes to be guarantees about the promised denuclearisation.

“The purpose of my trip is to allow details to be obtained on the commitments of North Korea, and the execution to continue from what the two leaders have agreed. I expect the same from the Democratic people’s Republic of Korea, ” said Pompeo during a stopover in Japan.

Also on Twitter, he stated that his purpose is ” for our work to continue until there is a full and verified denuclearization of North Korea.

Elton John

Pompeo, who for the third time since april travels to North Korea, was met at the airport by his North Korean counterpart Ri Yong-ho, and by the right hand of Kim, Kim Yong-chol, with whom a lunch is planned.

He is reportedly not with empty hands. Pompeo would be for Kim Jong-un is not only a letter of authorization of the owner Trump, but also a copy of the Elton John’s single Rocket Man (1972), at least so it claims to be the South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo on the basis of diplomatic sources. Pompeo could only laugh when journalists asked him for the special gift. The American president had the North Korean dictator repeatedly ‘little rocket man’ mentioned in his communication on the occasion of the latter’s nuclear tests. At their meeting last month in Singapore proved to be Kim Jong-un are not familiar with the work of the British singer.


Since the historic meeting with Kim Jong-un shows Trump is optimistic about the chances for peace on the Korean peninsula. Yet, from the conversation little to no concrete commitments of Kim emerged, and he has only his determination and unwavering commitment confirmed compared to the complete denuclearization of the peninsula’.

The US demands guarantees that this process is verifiable, and irreversible, but instead is in the document that the two leaders signed no question.

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