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‘North West Walls: always the same or always something else?

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Walk the festival grounds and you will see them: North West Walls. The towers of street art containers signs for five years the skyline of Rock Werchter. But in all honesty, watching a festival goer there to or in addition to? Review of a still life.

Thursday afternoon, Rock Werchter has its doors only two hours ago, opened, and its festival-goers are already on their krent in the shadow of the North West Walls. Who should not is still fresh and fruity …

Thursday afternoon, Rock Werchter has its doors only two hours ago, opened, and its festival-goers are already on their krent in the shadow of the North West Walls. That should not be yet fresh and fruity at one of the stages? ‘Calm, first our tour, ” laughs a group of early twenty-somethings. ‘Last year we actually missed, but now we saw that large spider on one of the containers and that has brought us to here lured. Best beautiful.’

Six street artist, also this year curated by Arne Quinze invited to the meadow with their art to pollinate: Adele Renault, Bik Ismo, Joram Roukes, Mantra, Hyuro, and Mohamed L’Ghacham. Lienke (24), a Dutch graphic artist, let itself willingly between the butterflies of Mantra to photograph. “No, I’m not posting, it is one for the private collection. We were away, something to drink and I was just very beautiful. On the Lowlands they also do something with art, but this is still pretty impressive.’ In particular the work of the French artist’s Mantra seems to be popular. Kurt (45) curses even. ‘I’m going to organize the Street Art Festival in Hasselt, so I’m sitting there in the middle and I try to be an artist for a very long time to book. But look, Rock Werchter is before us. Da’s best of bales actually.’


Watching people look at art, is also to count how many gsm. No selfie for Ruud (55), or an oldskool panoramaatje. ‘“Everything used to be better”, that you go me never hear say. I come from a time where you are at a festival only a stage, toilets and beer. The youth of today, nothing else is known than festivals with perks, so perhaps they are here to pass, but I think this is still not normal. Very successful, also this year. And that there are too few shadow spots on the ground, just nice for these towers.’ That is the: North West Walls draws a part of its visitors. The heat pushes the other part there under. As Jolien (19) and Amber (20). “We came really just for the shade, but while we were there, we have already said to each other: “nice, huh”. So just by the shadow to go people watch.’ One laudatory quote on our magazine, or we hear two ladies unsolicited compliments throw. “Look at that biggest tower,” says Annelies (36). ‘That chrome just seems to really shine in the sun, while the paint is.’

“Not really up to date’

Not a soul around North West Walls to find that no loftrompet rears for the towers, but the whole may be more up to date. Eline (26): “They have a good mix of styles but it had me more in the festival integrated. And containers are now called, for some years, the medium to do something with it, so it may be something else.” Tim (29), Elines friend, pulls slightly harder on the critical string. ‘Really up to date, I think these installations are not, no. What I would do? The world revolves today around data, so I would make that in art casting. I know of no other festival that it already does, but we measure today it all, so why that data is not creative? Here, thousands of visitors of who you the number of steps can be used to measure their emotions by facial expressions, age, body temperature,… That data can be translated into projections, sound waves or light installations.’ Okay, now that we’re freewheeling, we have that posh do. Watching a performance while the stage is bathed in a background of data about all the people who are, how cool does that sound. Look, there is something to say about North West Walls. That the at least the festivalkunst of tomorrow inspires. And it has art, then his task is not finished?

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