Monique: ’Andrés ‘ well-being above all!’

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Earlier this week it was announced that André Hazes all his performances of the next month has been canceled because the singer is suffering from fatigue. According to his girlfriend Monique sat there for a while to come. It surprised her, but the nothing that he now required rest. That let them know on Instagram.

André Hazes

“For months you were absent. An inhuman cluttered agenda with hardly a day off. With a smile on your face and a joke from your mouth you let the people believe that it will be ok with you went. I identified different, but that wanted both you, as the people around you, can’t hear. Can’t see!”, so begins Monique her emotional message. My spontaneous loving man got himself lost what even has led to a rift between us. With a broken heart I remained as one crying in the wilderness. You came back, with the head and the heart, but space for yourself, let alone for your family was not there. You were so alive and you wanted to do everything to show that you could. If you are yourself!”


“I’m always proud of you, but your well-being above all! How grateful I am that you have a call from above have given you this time not ignored. The rest was needed. Rest, relaxation, insight, and personal attention. In the coming weeks, we’re going to work and if it still needed, we will take even more time. The people who love you have all understanding, you fans have all understanding, but the most important is that your understanding for your own situation that there is today. You are so brave to make this decision. I love you sweet man! And I’m glad that you’re back at home, both with body and with spirit. Infinite. (p.s. there are now even just a few short moments to get you back to deal with it. This picture there is only one)”

Wednesday was André known that he is the doctor slowly. He says that he because of the ’incredible headache’ to the doctor is gone and he all times have physical complaints ignored. Although he already has multiple times not only by his girlfriend but also by his fans was warned, he continued to continue. Now his doctor has said that he slowly, André has finally decided to listen, and for at least a month to stop all work activities. “I sincerely hope for your understanding. I’m sorry if I disappoint that I have booked, or a ticket for me bought. But for 1 time I have to myself to think”, he ended his message.

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