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Monaco renames in

Last year, Monaco ( was one of the crypto-currency projects, of which one could expect a lot. Because of this the project had obtained a VISA, a license for Prepaid debit cards that you can use with crypto-currencies by spending money against their own Coin (MCO). This Coin is ranking currently ranked #73 in the Ranking of the Market capitalization. This is the Monaco Team that is associated with a well-designed, yet simple mobile App that allows you to always have the current price of the MCO, as well as the debit card amount of credit remaining track.

Today, the company has announced a complete change of name in that also includes a wide range of new financial services. The company now has the Mission to accelerate the global development, introduction and conversion to crypto-currencies.

“ gives us a strong new identity that is in line with our original Vision of crypto-currencies in each wallet or stuck to each Wallet. Because of the Name, we assume, is also for the whole of the area representative, is also a great responsibility, as a pioneer, to move forward. We will strive to achieve the appropriate effect, and to create an infrastructure that enables the growth of the Ecosystem and the promise of a decentralized future redeems“. Co – founder and managing Director Kris Marszalek

New products and services

The MCO Visa Card allows users, wherever Visa is accepted crypto-currencies. With the MCO Wallet App can now currencies four Crypto and seven Fiat currencies purchased and shipped to be replaced, with an additional Portfolio-Tracker for over 200 coins. The launch took place with a completely new Whitepaper:

“….the comprehensive product range of financial services to end users reveals that based on the Blockchain technology and this is allows. Together, these products will change the way customers spend money to transfer and invest. We are very happy to have last year, a world-class Team is built up and I could not be prouder of what the Team has done.“

As the product brand, MCO has created a consistent identity for your new product – and service offerings:

MCO Crypto Invest: a robot-based crypto-currency investment tool
MCO Crypto Credit: a crypto-credit service, it allows customers your crypto-currencies to Deposit and loans to maintain, with MCO Visa Card can spend.
MCO, Private: a tailor-made Concierge for wealthy crypto-currency investors;
Platinum Referral Reward Program: A unique referral program, up to $ 10,000 sign-up bonus per card holder.
Crypto Wallet Cashbackprogram of up to 1% Cashback rewards for all purchases and the exchange of crypto-currencies in the MCO Wallet.
Crypto Airdrops: Ad-hoc Token Airdrops for selected tokens in the MCO Wallet App are listed.
New card designs and minimal MCO-volumes are also available:

Icy White (5,000 to MCO)
Jade Green (500 MCO)
Royal Indigo (500 MCO)

Market competition

Monaco has always been in direct competition with TenX, however, with its new product and services line is this business model with the Circle Pay and Square competitive. The universal mobile Wallet of the Ethosthat the Coin in the headlines, and the by up to +400% increase, could, in addition to competition, when companies are partnerships for debit cards are received.

Look also card payments get new competitors – it Is still old technology? or Julian Hosp (TenX) about crypto challenges: today and in the future.

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