MGMT comes to The Roma

416a9237edbeb4f74c47445f13f2dcf0 - MGMT comes to The Roma

Five years after their eponymous third album, MGMT all the way back. With a new album and a new series of concerts. Tomorrow live in The Barn at Rock Werchter. And in december, a private zaalconcert in Antwerp! The American duo’s new album ‘Little Dark Age’ (February 2018) on 11 december in The Roma.

With their psychedelic pop surprised the American duo in 2007, just about the whole world, and they put their stamp on the pop music of the 21st century. With songs like “Kids”, “Electric Feel” and “Time To Pretend”, they are responsible for a handful of million sellers. The music is psychedelic, the atmosphere is neo-hippie and there can be dancing!

MGMT on Tuesday 11 december in The Roma in Antwerp. That is new work and a lot of singalong songs. That is feast. That is a concert that you cannot miss! Tickets are now available.

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