Kaley Cuoco on their honeymoon to hospital

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Kaley Cuoco is not determined on an exotic place during her honeymoon. Five days after her big day posted the The Big Bang Theory-actress a photo from the hospital.

Kaley Cuoco

“If your honeymoon consists of shoulder surgery”, she wrote in a photo where she cranky in the camera. The 32-year-old reported that she is already recovering. She joked that her new husband Karl Cook, even less charming snapshots of her will to share. That left the professional rider is not to be told twice; he shared not much later, a video of a loud snoring Kaley in the car on the way home.

The actress performed Saturday in the marriage with Karl. Because of their matching initials, they called the wedding itself ’KC in the square’. On the wedding day was also Kaleys televisieman Johnny Galecki. On Instagram, he put a photo of the wedding, with the Big Bang, the actor wrote: “I could not be happier for my nepvrouw.” The two had ever really a relationship, but made it only visible when they are already for a while each other were.

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