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“If Belgium plays like against Japan, then we win with 0-12 against Brazil’

Tonight will play Belgium in the quarter-finals against Brazil at the world cup to Russia. Manages our ‘Golden Generation’ finally to stunt against a large country? Cartoonist Kamagurka is optimistic, though he also warns for the falling Neymar.

Also the narrow victory against Japan predicted Kama is correct. All he had expected it to be something easier went.


Kama predicted last week, even though the previous game of the Devils, England and Belgium. The match that is not won if, ended in a 0-1 victory for our country. And that is against Kama’s expectations.


And also the big victory against Tunisia was already predicted by Kamagurka. The match was impressive with the 5-2 score, but the predictions of Kama were at least as spectacular.


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