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Gorillaz: Swinging to a better world

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Queens of the Stone Age had ‘The evil has landed’ is already dedicated to the Gorillaz, because ” the biggest honour is a song to dedicate to someone who you respect, cherish’. The audience had respect, too, because it was in great numbers continue to stand up to Damon Albarn and his motley gang to see the work.

That was barely seven months ago in the National forest; just as he began the concert with the incendiary ‘M1A1’. But there was yet things have changed: last week brought the Gorillaz new album, which we half during the concert were told. And ‘Tranz’ remained firmly up between old favorites like ‘M1A1’ and the bouncing ‘Last living souls’, better than the us plate was noticed.

Gorillaz always have the best rappers, the best the crowd on board; De La Soul & Peven Everett are now almost permanent members to call, the human energiebundel Little Simz had earlier in the afternoon solo Klub on stilts set and still had some over to the punky ‘Garage palace’. Housepionier Jamie Principle was ‘Hollywood’, dressed in a skirt and black-and-white sportkousen. In that suit, he went also to the public, where Damon Albarn all hands had come to shake – it did us note that Young Thug, last Sunday still a bit lukewarm on Couleur Café, some can learn from the veteran in terms of gender bending. And in terms of performing, because even Principle rested not for everyone.

What is even more had changed: the six (!) backingzangeressen be now a lot more played out than in forest, and that is a good thing. The dreamy voices gave the retro synths of ‘Andromeda’ touching a lot of heat, and with the rappers from De La Soul, they created complex vocal rhythms in ‘Superfast jellyfish’ (and the two drummers did their best).

To the castle gave Albarn a corny mood: “I want the Belgians what power delivery for the match tomorrow’. He showed us the ‘Eden Hazard’ chant and tried a little later a freestyle on the name. The improvisation did not so well succeed, to the band to cover and “Kids with guns” began to play. And suddenly it was the line ” It’s all desire it’s’ that song ‘Eden Hazard’. And then he still had to ‘Harry Kane’ did screech, in the spirit of exchange among the nations. The tireless traveler Albarn – last week, he was still in North Korea – believes really in the samenbrengende power of music, and festivals. A bit naive? This festival he delivered in each case is a swinging, chaotic and optimistic ending. Eden Hazard!

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